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Press Coverage

North Carolina Weekend, UNC-TV
November 2016

"A custom scent is a great personal experience as well as a gift. It allows you to really express your personality, so there's a certain pride in wearing that."

Triangle Style Magazine Feature
Spring 2016

ESCENTUELLE featured in Triangle Style Magazine

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"You can book a two-hour time slot ... and not only walk away with a captivating fragrance, but a wonderful memory."

Cary Citizen Online Newspaper Article
May 2016

ESCENTUELLE in Cary Citizen online newspaper

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"More than a wide smile or a firm handshake, what creates a first impression is your smell. And at Cary’s Escentuelle, customers can take command over their scent by creating a customized, unique perfume."

Smells Downright Gorgeous Interview
January 2016

ESCENTUELLE interview on Smells Downright Gorgeous blog

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"When somebody new sits down at the perfume organ, I am reminded how it was for me 17 years ago when I started playing around with perfume."

What Our Customers Say

"My husband totally surprised me prior to Christmas. Little did he know this was a bucket list item, but one that I figured would never come true unless I went across the pond. Thank you for a beautiful, interesting and amazing experience that ended in an amazing, one of a kind perfume for my very own. Don't miss this experience: affordable, educational, and Carolyn is amazing."
- Pat, Lancaster, SC
"Wow!! What an experience! Carolyn guided me through every step. I had no idea how much went into making a perfume. All the different oils, the whole process, the blending, the layering and measuring and of course the smelling. It was nothing short of amazing. I love my perfume and so do other people. I definitely recommend this experience, worth every penny and then some!!"
- Judy, Glendale, AZ
"Once I decided on mixing an everyday fragrance [Carolyn] just guided me through, letting me make my own choices and not rushing me. My perfume is completely unique to me and I love it!!! I am very picky about perfume and this one stays true to itself. I had so much fun and can't wait to go back for my special occasion scent."
- Laura, Wake Forest, NC
"Such an amazing day with you, Carolyn...thank you for the quality of your information, your knowledge, your patience, your expertise. I am loving my new scent."
- Anne, Winston-Salem, NC
"I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Carolyn building my own perfume, and I am delighted with the result. It feels oddly, unexpectedly special to have my own scent. Thank you!"
- Scott, Arlington, VA
"Since I have been perfume-obsessed all my life, I was like a kid in a candy shop. What I loved about the whole experience is that while Carolyn contributed her knowledge and suggestions, she really allowed me to explore and develop my own scent that I love. This is the ultimate experience for anyone who enjoys scents and wants to create their own special scent."
- Christine, Cary, NC
"Had a blast making my own perfume. I was guided through the experience by the very talented Carolyn who knows her products inside and out. It was totally amazing what the end product turned out to be. Well worth trying and would recommend everyone to have this experience."
- Debbie, New South Wales, Australia
"As we proceeded, I was more and more excited that we were creating my own personal perfume unlike any other. I had the BEST time! I really didn't want the process to end! As I give folks hugs, they comment how good I smell. Grant yourself the experience by making an appointment with Carolyn and creating your own unique fragrance...or...give your husband/significant other a 'hint'!"
- Lynn, Greensboro, NC

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