Compose Your Own Perfume

Guided by France-Trained Scent Artist


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Compose Your Own Perfume

adding essences to cylinder to blend a perfume

Have you ever dreamed of stepping into the shoes of a French perfumer and making a scent that fits you perfectly? One imagined by you, and exclusive to you? Well, there's no need to hop a plane to Europe. At ESCENTUELLE Signature Fragrance Creation studio, we bring the custom French perfume experience to you!

Trained by master perfumers at Galimard—France's oldest perfumery—Carolyn Hassett, Owner and Scent Artist, brings her knowledge and love of blending to the most discerning of customers in her Downtown Cary studio. During your session, Carolyn guides you to the most appropriate essences for the fragrance you have in mind from the 127 eau de parfum accords from Galimard on the perfumer's organ (the perfumer's workstation). From testing strip to bottle, you choose each note to add—from base, to heart, to top—building the creation of your dreams. And once you've named your own special scent, your exclusive formula will go on file for easy reordering.

Benefits of All Perfuming Sessions

  1. A fragrance that expresses your own unique sense of style
  2. Once-in-a-lifetime experience of composing your very own eau de parfum
  3. High-quality ingredients from France that have passed European Union safety standards
  4. Custom-named unique perfume whose formula will remain exclusive to you
  5. Easy reorders in two sizes, as well as complementary products from France

Individuals/Couples/Small Groups

Private Session (formerly "One-on-One")

Carolyn sniffing guest's scent choices in private session
"All I needed to know was what I like, what I don't like, and what kind of perfume I wanted. I had SO MUCH FUN mixing my own fragrance. At the end of the session, I have my very own signature scent that's mine mine mine and I ADORE IT!! Also, honestly, the idea that I can put on *my* fragrance each morning is somehow magical. TREAT YOURSELF TO THIS EXPERIENCE!! YOU'RE WORTH IT!!!"
--Jennifer, Massapequa Park, NY
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Open Session (formerly "Multi-Person")

two perfumers sniffing testers in an open session
"I brought my staff to Escentuelle for an end of year celebration/team-building session. We had an incredible time! Carolyn provided a warm and welcoming environment for us to learn and bond as a group. My team members felt appreciated, which has been a great source of motivation back in the office. I highly recommend this unique opportunity!"
- Rachel, Raleigh, NC
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Parties / Private Workshops

Throwing a party or bridal shower? Need a new way to engage your team members at work? A perfuming workshop may be a perfect fit! For groups of 5-15, we'll come to you. Participants will be seated up to 3 people per mini-organ, each of which will hold approximately 90 of our most versatile essences. Each person will take home a small bottle of his or her own scent, with its unique formula filed at ESCENTUELLE for easy reordering in a larger size.

private party with finished perfumes in-hand
“Perfume making was excellent! [Carolyn] was great and the class was very informative!”
- anonymous survey, NC Musuem of Art's Art in Bloom workshop, April 2016
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Private Label (on hold)

We're trying to achieve reliable turnaround times for getting formulas made in bulk and shipped from France. Once we have the process smoothed out, we'll post details here. Sorry for the delay!

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