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All our products are designed and produced by our Scent Artist, Carolyn Hassett, and can be sampled in our Cary studio. The prêt-à-porter fragrances are composed of the same Galimard essences our guests use to make their own scent. The all-natural perfumes, essential oil blends, scrubs, and sprays are handmade, whereas our shea butter lotions are sourced from a reputable supplier and naturally scented with essential oils in-house.

All-Natural Perfumes

Art in Bloom
(unisex; green floral)

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This all-natural perfume from ESCENTUELLE was commissioned by the North Carolina Museum of Art for their 2016 Art in Bloom festival. The blend captures the green florals of a garden in a jojoba/fractionated coconut oil base. A portion of the sales of this blend are donated to the museum.

Prêt-à-Porter Fragrances

ESCENTUELLE Prêt-a-Porter Fragrances

Hello, Gorgeous! (NEW!)
(women's; amber oriental)

Time to spice things up with ESCENTUELLE's newest fragrance for women. Opening with a rich fruit tea top (currant, peach, and bergamot), blossoming into a jasmine/peony/cinnamon heart, and landing softly on a musky patchouli base, the amber undertones go on for hours.

Two-Pack and Three-Pack Mini
Prêt-à-Porter Eau de Parfums (NEW)

Two-Pack of 15 mL bottles ($45)

1st Fragrance:
2nd Fragrance:

Three-Pack of 15 mL bottles ($65)

1st Fragrance:
2nd Fragrance:
3rd Fragrance:

Carolina Bluegrass

This brand-new, limited-edition unisex fragrance from ESCENTUELLE evokes everything to love about NC: blue skies, tilled earth, tall pines, magnolia and jasmine in bloom, fresh-cut tobacco, and even a splash of summertime tea!

(men’s; fresh fougère)

Luck may be on your side wearing this rich yet understated ESCENTUELLE men’s fragrance, imbued with warm woods and moss at its base, native Mediterranean herbs and sea at its heart, and bright green tea and citrus at the top. Enjoy this visual review of Monaco by on Instagram

(women's; soft floral)

Our most popular scent, Moonbeam, radiates a graceful femininity, evoking the gentle light of its namesake. Peony, violet, and pomegranate flowers are layered over floral musk, amber, and gourmand notes. Hints of bamboo and atlas cedar—along with top notes of green tea, bergamot, and lychee—add some woody greenness to this soft floral from ESCENTUELLE. You'll find a review of Moonbeam on the perfume blog "Smells Downright Gorgeous."

(women’s; woody oriental)

ESCENTUELLE's newest women’s fragrance--founded on lightly musky woods and powdery iris in the base, gentle southern florals at the heart and top, and a touch of peach green-tea sweetness--brings to mind the scent of sun-warmed skin. Created with brides in mind, the soft focus of this fragrance will flatter you every day.

Riviera Breeze (unisex; aquatic)
(formerly Cannes)

This Mediterranean Sea breeze stirs with alpine herbs, wild jasmine, and pine from the French mountainside. Grounded in moss, white musk, and vanilin notes of tonka bean and ambreine, Riviera Breeze—our only unisex scent and a customer favorite--soars on fresh citrus, black tea, and the lightest of florals. Did you catch a faint whiff of tobacco on the air? Of course you did—you're on the Côte d'Azur! Don't miss this fresh but far from soapy aquatic from ESCENTUELLE. Enjoy this visual review of Riviera Breeze by on Instagram.

That ’70s Scent (women’s; floral chypre)

Trip back in time with this floral chypre from ESCENTUELLE. Gardenia, lily, rose, violet, jasmine, and tiare—the diva blooms at its heart—are cleverly balanced by rich underpinnings of moss, vetiver, orris root (iris), almond, and concretal, and by the sharp green of galbanum, bergamot, green leaf, phisalis, and pear at the top. That ’70s Scent: the power suit our mothers and sisters donned before the advent of shoulder pads. Try it on for size.

Full Bloom (women’s--special discount)

Enjoy a heady summer afternoon in a garden with this women’s fragrance from ESCENTUELLE. You’ll be surrounded by waxy florals and an undertone of soft woods.

Warmth (men's--special discount)

ESCENTUELLE’s update on a traditional men’s fragrance is an amble in an autumn forest that takes you through scents of bamboo, cinnamon, and waxy flowers, rising up from amber-vanilla woods.

Natural Body Care Products

ESCENTUELLE natural body care products

Shea Butter Lotions

Healthy Hands Lotion

In addition to its moisturizing effects of the shea butter lotion base, the earthy but bright essential oil blend of rose geranium, lemon, rosemary, and patchouli is an antibacterial powerhouse to help keep your hands and the air around them germ-free.

Sole Soother Foot Lotion

If you’re the type to take care to unwind properly after a tough day on your feet, you need our therapeutic foot relief in a shea butter lotion base. We’ve added the cooling and revitalizing essential oils of rosemary, lavender, and peppermint to cool shoe-warmed and tired feet.

Lavender-Lemonade Lotion--SOLD OUT

Your skin will drink in this refreshing essential oil mix of lavender and lemony fresh litsea cubeba in our super-moisturizing shea butter lotion base.

Unscented Shea Lotion

We’ve left all the scent out so that this conditioning treat for your skin won’t interfere with your favorite ESCENTUELLE eau de parfum, so pamper yourself daily!

Essential Oils/Blends

Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On

This full-strength essential oil in a portable glass roll-on bottle is for use directly on skin to take the sting out of mosquito bites or the heat out of a burn. Try spreading a small amount under your nose on your next airplane trip to disinfect and pleasantly deodorize the not-so-nice recirculated air you’re breathing. The calming effects of lavender oil should also help keep soothe any jitters.

Cool & Collected Stress Relief Roll-On

Take comfort in ESCENTUELLE's soothing blend of lavender and peppermint essential oils packaged in a convenient and transportable roll-on bottle. Safely diluted in moisturizing jojoba oil, this blend may be applied directly to temples and the back of the neck for relief from stress in general--and even from the torture of headaches.

Chai Spice Essential Oil Blend

We’ve followed the same recipe you’ll find in your favorite chai teas by blending the pure essential oils of clove bud, cardamom, ginger, Valencia orange, vanilla absolute, cinnamon leaf, and anise. Diffuse it to spice up a room, or add a couple of drops to a dollop of unscented lotion for a warm, fragrant cloud to follow you through your day.

Holiday Cheer Essential Oil Blend

Spread cheer throughout your home with this holiday-inspired blend of pure essential oils of oakmoss, sweet orange, and cinnamon by adding 2-3 drops to a diffuser, in the melting wax of a candle, or to a pot of simmering water.

Reorder Your Custom Scent

Gift Certificates

Private Creation Session (for 1 or 2 People)

With this gift certificate the special person in your life will compose their very own eau de parfum, one-on-one with our Scent Artist. The session lasts approximately 2 hours and includes a 1.7 oz/50 mL bottle of the scent created during the session.
**Gift certificate expires 2 years from purchase; no refunds**
Certificates will be mailed free of charge via USPS First Class. Let us know if you'd prefer a scan via email!

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