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Do you have your own sense of style, one that matches your personality?
Have you been searching for a scent that is also uniquely you?
Do you think it might be fun to try making a fragrance yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you've come to the right place!

At ESCENTUELLE Signature Fragrance Creation studio, you become the perfumer, composing the truly personal fragrance you’ve always desired, using high-quality ingredients straight from France. Our Scent Artist, Carolyn Hassett, guides you through the process and directs you to the most appropriate essences for the scent you're composing. Once completed, your fine French eau de parfum is bottled on-site and labeled with the name you give it. The unique formula is for your exclusive use and goes on file for easy reordering at any time.

Carolyn with perfumer's organ

Having blended perfumes since 1998 and been trained in France by the "Noses" at Galimard, Carolyn opened her studio in downtown Cary, NC, in August 2015 to put this exciting and creative process in the hands of other scent aficionados. She loves helping her guests fulfill their wish of designing a fragrance that expresses their personality and stands out from the crowd.

This unique and exclusive experience has been featured on UNC-TV's North Carolina Weekend.

Watch 5-Minute UNC-TV Feature

ESCENTUELLE is an independent certified distributor of Galimard, one of only a handful in the United States. France’s oldest perfumery, Galimard was founded in Grasse—the world capital of perfume—in 1747. They use only the highest quality ingredients, which fill the bottles on the perfumer's organs at ESCENTUELLE.

Perfuming sessions are by appointment and online scheduling is available. Learn more about what our custom perfume experience is about, or book now!

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